BAR BL251 #633 in blue/red/grey

When the PV&T merged with the BAR, the BAR brought along a few remaining first generation units, including a few BL2s. BAR 50 was already off the roster & being used as a parts source, so was sent to the TdM shops for final salvage & disposal (but somehow ended up stashed in ILW’s boiler shop for the next 30 years); 634 & 635 (BAR 52 & 56) were already earmarked for sale to Glen Monhart and left the property soon after the merger, and 633 (BAR 51) still operates (with a Cummins QSK38 instead of the Alco 251-8 that originally replaced the EMD 567 after it (the 567) had a crankshaft failure) as off-season power on the BAR’s Pomme de Terre branch.

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