PV&T class J #610 in blue & white

The class J locomotives were designed for the electrification of the northern half of the D&H, so they were built as hood units instead of as boxcabs. They are slightly higher horsepower than the prototype, and use a smaller, but equipment-free, cab.

18 were built in total – 10 for the PV&T, 3 for the M&B, and 5 for STCUM’s Deux Montagnes line.

LT&L class J #1633 (ex-CN #6730) in 'blackbird' (patch) paint

All of these units are currently in service on the Parsons Vale system; the PV&T’s units are still operating, the M&B motors came along with the M&B purchase (and have been upgraded to JS specs), and the Deux Montagnes units, which were taken out of service after Exo converted the line to a light metro, were purchased by the LT&L when Exo sold them for scrap.

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