[A line of junk stored in Parsons Vale, NH]

The PV&T, the LW&C, and the PVRT had a joint yard in Parsons Vale that, as the switching needs for the three railroads went down, was converted into a storage facility for various unneeded equipment. Between 1936, when the PV&T took over the LW&C and 1966, a large collection of odd equipment from these railroads accumulated here.

The survival of much of this gear was because the PV&T and the PVRT were both very healthy railroads and could afford to just tuck things out of the way when they became useless, and the ex-LW&C operating personnel were accustomed to storing equipment because they might need to use parts of them at a later date (the LW&C spent enough time in bankruptcy so that it was never assumed that you could actually buy replacement parts), so the equipment just sat there waiting for a rainy day.

Much of this equipment, with the notable exception of A&ALCo 1, is in good shape either because it is stored in the LW&C enginehouse, or, in the case of PVRT 9 or PV&T M1106, are being used as buildings.

Equipment stored in the Parsons Vale yard
Owner No. Type Stored Disposition
A&ALCo 1 4-4-0 1960 Stored unservicable.
PVRT 8 Baggage motor 1938 Scrapped 1948.
PVRT 9 Baggage motor 1938 Body used as toolshed.
PVRT 13 Rotary snowplow 1961 Returned to service in 1966 as PV&T M1006
PVRT 15 Caboose 1964
PV&T 277 0-4-0T 1937 ex LW&C 1065. Returned to service in 1966.
PVRT 633 Boxcab 1948 ex A-H FL 30.
PVRT 980 Steeplecab 1955 Returned to service in 1965 as PV&T 282.
PVRT 999 Passenger motor 1955
PVRT 1040 Steeplecab 1961 To Seashore Trolley Museum 1961
PV&T M1105 Snowplow 1945 ex LW&C 12
PV&T M1106 Caboose 1936 ex LW&C 5. Crew shelter.

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