Obsolete Projects

This is code I either wrote or collected over the years, but no longer need or use. The code I’ve written, unless otherwise noted, is released under a BSD-style copyright; the copyright terms for other code can be found within that code.

=Memory detection patches for Linux= Various versions of my enhanced memory detection code that I’ve put in various versions of Linux from 1.2.13 up through the the 2.3 series of experimental kernels. These patches are wildly obsolete, because my memory detection code was brought into the mainline kernel in the 2.3 era and I’ve not needed to maintain a separate patch tree since then.

=Font conversion tools= When I first switched to Linux, I had a bunch of DOS fonts I wanted to use. I didn’t think I had enough time to port chedit over, so I cranked out these tools to do it in a hurry.

=Liblocktty= At one time, I wanted to write a general-purpose library for grabbing ttys for modeming and uucping through. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but here it is, rotting away.

=instant-runoff voting= I wrote a couple of programs to do single-transferrable-vote elections when I was involved in trying to save the Usenet newsgroup rec.railroad from being replaced with the not-terribly-intuitive misc groups that the TINC preferred.

There are two programs;  One of them gets the votes via mail,
and the other counts the ballots.

=The teeny-shell= An attempt to clone the korn shell. As a clone of the korn shell, it fails, but as a nicer to type at replacement for command.com (and the even worse shell that shipped with the developer’s kit for the Atari ST) it worked out very well.

=Linux 1.2.13= An old copy of the Linux kernel, lightly tweaked; it’s been modified to use Scott Telford’s pBs configuration system and to use my enhanced memory detection patches. It’s been a while since I’ve used it, and a lot of modern code probably won’t even run on a 1.2.13 kernel, but it’s nice and small.

=Webshield patches= Patches and enhancements to the Linux kernel that were done for McAfee’s WebShield product.
(I wrote some of this, but the bulk of the tcp-ip changes were done by other people.)

=A boot logo patch= A patch for Linux 2.0.x that was posted to the Linux kernel mailing list several years back; it spits up a pretty boot logo when the system is uncompressing the kernel. I was going to use it to hack a noickytexthere boot system (that doesn’t show all the bootup messages, but just has a pretty logo), but I was too busy burning out at the time.

=Bauble UUCP= a UUCP subset originally for the Atari ST, then ported to MS-DOS and OS-2.

=buffer= Once I needed to buffer i/o when writing a backup tape, but I didn’t have a net connection to get one of the already written buffer programs. So…

=A dns file generator= I needed to whip out some dns files for a company I used to sysadmin for in a hurry, so I wrote a C script to mangle hostfiles.

=Ported code= I ported a few other programs from Unix and the AT&T blit, and then used routines out of them to make my other ST graphics programs work.

=Tetrix= Another port to the Atari ST from Unix; this one is a tetris that was posted on Usenet. Snarfed, again, and made non-portable.

=Unix tools for DOS= When I was stuck on MS-DOS machines, I missed Unix commands. So I wrote clones of a bunch of them to make command.com a little less annoying.

=Cross iPen drivers= GPM patches and a XFree86 Xinput driver for the obsolete Cross iPen.

=A stupid regular expression compiler for the Atari ST= This is a version of the Software Tools regular expression compiler that I first wrote in Pascal on the Terak, then sped it up by rewriting it in optimized PDP-11 assembly language, then later rewrote it as (not quite so well) optimized M68000 assembly language. It’s quite fast for a dumb algorithm, so it wasn’t a complete waste of time.