Tools for Mastodon Linux

This is the Mastodon installer loadandgo (curses interface, and using BSD curses to squeeze itself down to the point where a kernel, lkms, and the installer can fit onto a 1.44mb floppy disk), admintool, the X configurator, the rc.d subsystems, a collection of utilities that I wrote myself, and a few other useful utilities from various sources.

=addpath= modify your $PATH =csplit= break a file down into smaller chunks =daemon= runs a program as a daemon, restarting it whenever it exits =dbm= create and manupulate ndbm databases =df= Show free disk space or inodes =false= return unsuccessfully =free= Show used/free memory or swap =getty= initialize tty line, call login. This one will set the terminal erase character if it spots either a DEL or BACKSPACE. =go= Runs a job in the background (a'la batch) and reports back to the caller when it’s done. =hostname= print or set the computer’s hostname =makehole= shrink a file by seeking over null space =md5sum= generate md5 checksums for files. =nl= number lines =pidof= returns the process ID(s) of a named process =play= Regulates access to system games =readlink= print what a symlink points to =stfu= Don’t echo kernel log messages to the console =sync= Force unwritten buffers to disk =true= return successfully =uname= print information about the system =update= periodically force unwritten buffers to disk =whoami/id/groups= print information about the current user

Source Code

The following releases are available (I don’t have much revision history prior to INST0063 because I foolishly didn’t put the Mastodon version number into revision control.)