Jessica L. Parsons

Recombinant DNA research : I’ve been spending a lot of time, mainly in the evenings, doing recombinant DNA experiments. After a month or so of work, and using simple tools found in almost any household, my lab partner and I have been delighted with the results.

Computer cases : I scratchbuild computer cases for the fun of it.

Scrappy projects : Carpentry is another hobby. I build things from recycled materials.

This Space For Rent : My weblog; the testbed for discount and my weblog program.

Mastodon : My Linux distribution, which features a primarily BSD Unix userland, a completely a.out set of systems (so that when you’re forced to update to the libc of the week, it won’t blow away your system) and a lot of experimental things I’m playing with.

Source Code : Other programs, libraries, and modifications I’ve written or maintained on Linux and other operating systems.

The Parsons Vale Line : The history of my model railroad.

Bookmarks : Web browser bookmarks. Boring, if you’re not me.

Old RPG documents : Adventuring in the Venial Empire, from the late 1970s

My resumé : This is, not surprisingly, my resumé, but be warned it’s hideously out of date. (Also in markdown format)