Configure is my own autoconfigure script for C programs, something like the GNU autoconf program, except that it’s

Configure is not nearly as complete as autoconf, because I’m only adding things to it as I need them.

Currently, configure is used in most of the code I write (and it’s been shoehorned into my copies of libgd and dropbear) because it’s being built for macos-current, RHELCentos-current, and FreeBSD 4.1 (if I set up a VM for Mastodon Linux, I will fire up an ancient pell image and try building for SLS Linux as well.) Levee, Magicfilter, ndialog, xrpm, Postoffice, cwatch, markdown, and annotations end up using most of the features in configure, and I tend to test new features out in one of those projects and then pull it back into the baseline before spinning it out everywhere else to see if it makes other code fail.

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