Levee, or
Captain Video!


Levee is my attempt to write a vi clone. It was originally written for USCD Pascal I.5 on the Terak 8510a, ported to USCD Pascal 4.0 on the Sage and Pinnacle 68000-based microcomputers, ported back to I.5, but rewritten in P2 (a Pascal derivative language I wrote in 1983 or thereabouts), rewritten in Pascal for an MP/M box, then my friend John Tainter and I re-re-rewrote it in C so we could run it on our newly-purchased Atari 520STs in 1985, and then I re-re-re-rewrote it for FlexOS when I was working at CPT in (yuck!) Eden Prairie, MN.

When Atari began to roll belly-up, we both abandoned that platform for PCs and re-re-re-re-etc-wrote it for MS-DOS, and when I started using Linux in 1992 I rewrote it AGAIN, and after a few years where I didn’t use it because of the existance of nvi (and Caldera releasing vi as open source) I started using it and maintaining it again.

Source Code

And, just in case you’re wondering, no, I never watched the Captain Video TV show when I was young – I don’t even think I was even aware of the name except as a silly name until just recently – I just liked the funny juxtiposition of names.