Core functions

These functions are exactly like the corresponding libdialog functions, for the unsurprising reason that they need to do much the same as they would in libdialog.


init_dialog() initialize the dialog library; start curses, allocate colors, clear the screen, allocate the helpline, and so on.

After init_dialog(), the screen will be cleared, set to the window color, and (invisibly) broken up into the form window and a one-line helpline window at the bottom of the screen.

end_dialog() Close up shop and shut curses down.
`use_helpline(message) Set the helpline to the given message.
get_helpline() Return a pointer to the existing helpline.
restore_helpline(message) I’m not sure what this is supposed to do; it’s aliased to use_helpline() right now.
strwidth(message) Return how many columns wide a message is.
strdepth(), strheight()
strdepth(message) strheight(message) Return how many rows deep a message is.

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