Dialog compatablity functions

All these functions pop up a window containing the prompt and, if appropriate, a box containing whatever the dialog wants to display. They are all built up from ndialog objects and the MENU() display function.

dialog_yesno(title,message,height,width) Put up a dialog box asking for a yes/no answer. You can autosize the dialog box by setting height and width to -1.
dialog_msgbox(title,message,height,width,pause) Put up a dialog box with a message in it. If pause is nonzero, an [OK] button will be displayed and the function will wait until you press it, otherwise it will immediately return.
dialog_mesgbox(title,message,height,width) Put up a dialog box with a message in it and wait for the user to press the [OK] button.

NOTE: This is not correctly implemented. If you pass it a message string that’s longer or wider than the screen, dialog_mesgbox will silently fail.


dialog_menu(title,message,height,width,menu_height,menu_items,items,result,ch,sc) Put up a menu box and wait for the user to select a menu item or cancel out of the box.

`title` The title on the dialog window
`message` A message printed at the top of the dialog window
`width` How wide the window should be (-1 for autosizing)
`height` How deep the window should be (-1 for autosizing)
`menu_height` How many items in the menu should be visible at any time (Note that this needs to be 3 less than height, because room is needed for the **[CANCEL]** button and a separator line.)
`menu_items` How long menu[] is.
`menu` The menu items, as an array of pairs of strings. The first string (**menu[x+x]**) is a keyword for this menu item, the second string (**menu[x+x+1]**) is the description for this menu item. You need to make certain that **menu** contains **2*menu_items** entries, or hilarious crashes will happen.
`result` A string that holds the selected keyword.
`ch,sc` Horrible compatability kludges to keep track of the last item selected. You need to set them to zero before you call dialog_menubox.
dialog_checklist(title,message,height,width,list_height,nr_list,items,result) Like dialog_menubox(), except it puts up a list of checkable items. Note that there are no ch and sc parameters, and that the menu parameter is slightly different. For dialog_checklist(), menu is composed of string triples; menu[x+x] is the key, menu[x+x+1] is the description, and menu[x+x+2] is the value “on” to tell the function that this item is selected. If the user does not cancel out of this form, result contains a whitespace-delimited list of selected keywords.
dialog_radiolist(title,message,height,width,list_height,nr_list,items,result) Like dialog_checklist(), except only one item can be checked at a time.
dialog_gauge(title,message,y,x,height,width,perc) Display a window that contains a progress gauge (from 0% to **100%)
dialog_clear_norefresh() clears the current window, but doesn’t refresh the screen.
dialog_clear() clears the current window and refreshes the screen.
dialog_update() updates the window, like the curses function wrefresh

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