The Ace & Acme Lumber Company was formed in 1880 to cut and mill lumber from the Sandwich mountains between Campton and Parsons Vale. By 1890, they had built a logging railroad to deliver raw timber to the Acme mill in Campton and the Termite mill in Parsons Vale. By 1900, the A&ALCo lumber plots were logged off and the railroad was mainly shut down in favor of doing fine milling on rough cut timber from other mills at the Termite mill.

In 1908, the Lincoln & Concord Railway purchased the A&ALCo to provide a route between Campton and Parsons Vale. When the line was electrified, logging operations were restarted north of the Bearcamp River and continued until 1937.

A&ALCo history

Ace & Acme Lumber Company formed.
Logging railroad built from Campton (Acme mill) up towards Waterville Valley.
Railroad branch built through Sandwich Notch and down the Bearcamp river to deliver lumber to the Termite mill in Parsons Vale.
Lumber tracts exhausted; logging railroad shuts down.
Lincoln & Concord buys A&ALCo.

All-time A&ALCo logging railroad roster

No. Type Builder Built Disposition
1 4-4-0 steam Manchester 1880 (built 1851) ex Northern Railroad, lost 1902
2-4 0-4-4T steam Baldwin 1884 scrapped 1936.
5 caboose A&ALCoRR shops 1893 To LW&C 5.
6 caboose A&ALCoRR shops 1895 Scrapped 1904
7 0-4-0T+T Manchester/A&ALCoRR 1886 To LW&C 1065, to PV&T 277
8 snowplow A&ALCoRR shops 1886 Wrecked 1900
9-11 water car A&ALCoRR shops 1886 Sold 1903
12 snowplow A&ALCoRR shops 1901 Stored 1936
20-79 log car Montreal Car 1885 To L&C 1000-1059