[Ace & Acme Lumber Company 0-4-0 #1065]

When the PV&T purchased the LW&C, it got a large collection of bizarre equipment. 277 (LW&C 1065) originally came from the A&ALCo, which the LW&C purchased in 1908 to build their railline over the Sandwich mountains from Campton to Parsons Vale. It remained in service as a logging engine until 1936, when the PV&T purchased the LW&C, and then was kept in service as a work engine while the railroad was re-electrified at 3000VDC in 1937. After that, 277 was pushed into the LW&C's Parsons Vale enginehouse and forgotten about for 28 years.

In 1955, ex-LW&C motorman Henry Wallace discovered the 277 in the Parsons Vale enginehouse and convinced the PV&T to let him restore it to operation. It steamed again in the summer of 1966, and has been used on one or two excursions to Conway. And, yes, it's still on the roster.

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