The Albany-Hudson Fast Line was a 1200VDC third-rail interurban railway that ran from Albany to Hudson, NY. Completed in 1891, it was built to the highest standards, and made quite a lot of money carrying passengers for the first decade of its operations. In the 1920s, profits started to slip, and by the time the great depression started, it was a dying railroad.

In 1931, the Parsons Vale & Termite purchased a controlling interest in the A-H FL and attempted to convert it into a freight-hauling railroad. This was unsuccessful, and by 1938, the A-H FL had run its last train; in 1942, the scrappers pulled the rail for contribution to wartime salvage drives.

A-H FL history

Kinderhook & Hudson chartered.
First train, Hudson to Niverville.
Reorganized as the Albany & Hudson, extended from Niverville to Rensselaer, and electrified.
First train to downtown Albany via United Traction.
Renamed to Albany & Hudson Fast Line
Renamed to Albany Southern
Most profitable year of operation.
Last profitable year of operation.
  1. Bankruptcy (purchased by PV&T.)
  2. Passenger services withdrawn (on December 21), leaving only freight operations.
  3. Reorganised as the Albany-Hudson Fast Line
Last Rensselaer to Hudson train, leaving switching operations in Rensselaer.
Last train.
Rail pulled, Renssalaer to Hudson.
Officially abandoned.

All-time A-H FL Roster

No. Type Builder Built Notes
1-8 Passenger motor St Louis Car 1908 scrapped 1942
10-11 Baggage motor St Louis Car 1908 scrapped 1942
20-25 Passenger motor. Brill 1913 sold to equipment brokers in 1930
30 Boxcab American Car 1913 to PVRT 633.
60,62 Passenger motor Cincinatti 1925 to FJ&G 1930.
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