In 1966, the LT&L still retains a large collection of passenger services, from trolley suburban lines to diesel-hauled interurban routes to small city connectors run with aging doodlebugs. Traffic is on the decline, but not quite a precipitously as in the United States, and the management is still making an attempt to make money on the service.

The suburban line running from Montréal to Farnham is electrified to the PV&T voltage of 3000VDC and uses PV&T motor cars. The suburban lines to Huntingdon and Boucherville are diesel powered, and services are operated by class DL2 (RS-1) locomotives.

Interurban passenger services are in charge of the class DL1, DL4, DL6, and some DL7 (DL-109, FA-1, PA-2, C420) locomotives. A moderate-sized fleet of streamlined and heavyweight cars are used to carry interurban passengers.