PH&W pannier tank #8 switching at Plattsburg

The Plaster Hills & Western Railway runs from gypsum mines & a gravel pit in the Adirondack Mountains east to connections with the Montreal Terminal and the Delaware & Hudson in Plattsburg, NY. It is not controlled by the Parsons Vale, but owns the ex-LT&L Baldwin VO660’s and eight LW&C hopper cars (LW&C 50-57, renumbered 340-347.)

In 1966, the Baldwins are out of service and the PH&W is using a handful of small steam engines to pull freight out of the mountains.

PH&W locomotive roster (1950-1966)

No. Type Builder Built Disposition
1 0-6-0 ST Baldwin 1920 scrapped 1956
2 0-6-0 MLW 1925 scrapped 1956
3 0-4-0 ST Baldwin 1928 in service
4 0-6-0 ST Baldwin 1929 in service
5 2-6-0 Alco 1932 wrecked 1945
6-7 VO 660 Baldwin 1955 6 OOS 1958 (broken crankshaft),
7 OOS 1961 (generator failure)
8 0-4-0 Pannier Tank Porter 1959 in service

PH&W route map

The PH&W's full route map

Future notes:

In the 1970s, the PH&W got some notice when it dieselised a second time with a handful of leased ex-LT&L S2s, which were then replaced with used RSC2m’s (CMStP&P #576 in 1977, followed by #578 in 1987.)