LW&C box motor #278 patch-painted with PV&T numbers

When the LW&C was purchased in 1936, the PV&T got a collection of operable and junk interurban cars and locomotives. The interurban cars were sold and/or scrapped immediately, but most of the locomotives stayed on the roster until the LW&C was converted from 600VDC to 3000VDC. 278 & 279 were kept in Lincoln to Parsons Vale service until the voltage changeover in June 1937, and were then sold to equipment brokers.

The ex-LW&C crews were not pleased with the takeover and the disappearance of their failing interurban line, so the repainting jobs were not done very well – 278 ran until the end with the old road number peeking through the patch paint that “covered” it.

278 & 279 were never resold, so eventually the brokers stripped them down to shells, then sold them as sheds; 278 remains in Lincoln as a backyard shop building, 279 fell into decay and was eventually demolished.

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