Lincoln, Wonalancet and Conway 40-42 were the last electric locomotives purchased by the interurban line, and spent their first 27 years in operation on the Parsons Vale to Lincoln branch of the railroad. After the PV&T merger and voltage changeover, these units (now PV&T numbers 280-282) were sold to the Parsons Vale Rapid Transit Company, where they became 1040, 1018, and 980 and remained in service for another 28 years, eventually reentering the PV&T roster for a second time when the PVRT was leased in 1965.

When the PVRT changed from 600VDC to 3000VDC in 1947, 1018 and 980 were rewired for the higher voltage, while 1040 was left at 600VDC for operation on the Laconia branch.

Disposition of class 280 locomotives
280 from LW&T 40, to PVRT 1040. To Seashore Trolley Museum 1961
281 from LW&T 41, to PVRT 1018. Wrecked 1964
282 from LW&T 42, to PVRT 980

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