[PV&T Class C #242 sitting in the Portland deadline]

From 1900 to 1946, the PV&T ran joint trains with the NYNH&H from New York City to Portland via New London, Ct. In the late 1920s, the management of the PV&T decided that NYNH&H electrification from New Haven to Boston was immiment, and ordered a series of dual-voltage locomotives from Westinghouse for running on both the New Haven's AC and the Parsons Vale's DC overheads. Well, the New Haven to Boston electrification didn't happen, and the order was cancelled, leaving the Parsons Vale with a single class C.

Number 242 was assigned to Boston-Montréal passenger service, but was replaced in 1951 by a class B locomotive. After sitting in Portland for 10 years, it was cut up following the merger with the LT&L.

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