[A model of PV&T Class DL1 #289]

From 1900 until 1946, the PV&T and NYNH&H ran joint passenger trains from New York to Portland. As time passed, both the railroads electrified parts of their mainline, and by 1931 the joint trains needed three engine changes; from electric to steam in New Haven, and then from steam back to electric in New London.

At first, the PV&T thought the New Haven would finish their electrification to Boston, and ordered a fleet of class C locomotives. The New Haven electrification never finished, and both railroads resigned themselves to the engine changes. In the late 1930s, the NYNH&H ordered 58 ALCO DL-109 diesel locomotives, so the PV&T ordered a pair to go along with them.

The pair was delivered in 1940, and were put into operation pulling passenger trains from New Haven to Concord, mingling with some of the last steam engines on the Parsons Vale. In 1946, the PV&T stopped running the New York to Portland passenger trains and the DL1's were leased to the LT&L (as numbers 900-901) and assigned to Quebec to Bangor passenger service. In 1959, they were sold to the LT&L, only to rejoin the roster in 1961 when the LT&L merged with the PV&T. In 1963, the Bangor and Quebec was abandoned and both DL1s were reassigned to Montréal to Quebec passenger service, where they remain in operation.

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