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International Reports

The international chapter of my railfan experience began in 1985, when my family took a year off and travelled overseas.  Although not exactly a railfan trip, I did succeed in getting a few train pictures, even a few train trips as well.  The photographs in this era were all taken using a happy snappy 35mm Konica compact.

In early 1993 I was transferred to South Africa (Pretoria) to undertake a project for work.  Although in real terms this was after the end of steam in South Africa, there was still some around.  For me this was like a paradise.  GMAM Garratts working day and night at Randfontein, 15Fs and 15CAs at Rustenburg Platinum Mines, 25NCs on the Trans Karoo, a daily steam shunt in Pretoria, plus there were a number of preserved operations starting up.

A few trips were done to other countries as well, like Zimbabwe, Botswana, Kenya and Zambia.  During the 10 years I lived in South Africa, I devoted quite a lot of time (and money!) to chasing trains, again mostly steam.  I would recommend this as a fantastic way to see a country.  We certainly saw some out of the way places, and some fantastic scenery!

Please select a report from the list below.  The sections are in reverse date order, so the most recent reports are first.

Past trip reports and photos

2002 (South Africa)
Date Place Description Content
Apr 2002 Malmesbury Passenger A few pics of the Saturday afternoon passenger train from Cape Town to Malmesbury. text.gif (109 bytes) photo.gif (130 bytes)

1997 (South Africa)
21 Sep Magaliesburg branch 24 3664 on the Magalies branch during the filing of "Sweepers" text.gif (109 bytes) photo.gif (130 bytes)

1996 (South Africa & Zimbabwe)
Dec  Bulawayo Excursion to Garratt Land!  Bulawayo Shed pics. text.gif (109 bytes) photo.gif (130 bytes)
Nov  Alfred County Rly South Africa: A bunch of pics taken on the 2' gauge Alfred County Railway at Port Shepstone, Natal. text.gif (109 bytes) photo.gif (130 bytes)
April  Trans Karoo South Africa: Double-headed 25NCs on the Trans-Karoo text.gif (109 bytes) photo.gif (130 bytes)

1995 (South Africa)
Jan 22 Rustenburg 15F and 15CA action at Rustenburg Platinum Mines text.gif (109 bytes) photo.gif (130 bytes)

1994 (South Africa)
Nov 94 Randfontein South Africa: Some GMAM Garratt action at Randfontein text.gif (109 bytes) photo.gif (130 bytes)

1993 (South Africa)
May 1993 Magaliesburg 16D 860 and 15F 3016 on a Museum trip to Magaliesburg text.gif (109 bytes) photo.gif (130 bytes)