In 1966, the only remaining PV&T passenger trains in the United States are the trains that run between Portland, Maine and Montréal, Quebec. There are 5 trains each direction; two all-stop trains, two limited stop trains that only run during the week, and a night train that only runs during the weekend. The day trains (1-8) run at a fairly high speed; the limited stop trains average 63mph from Portland to Montréal, and the all-stop trains average 53mph. (This includes station stops: The FRA has a maximum speed of 79mph for non ATC trackage, and that’s the speed the PV&T uses on the Portland to Montréal line.)

Most of the passenger trains are still profitable; the night trains (101-102) lose money, but are kept in operation so that PV&T staff can conveniently shuttle between the Portland and Montréal main offices. The day trains use ECB4 or ECB11 motors, pulling a pair of coaches (trains 3-6) or a Vista-Dome Trains 101-102 use either a TS10 sleeping car plus a coach or cars from the official train, and are pulled by the motors off trains 5-6 or a class B locomotive if those trains are delayed more than 30 minutes past the scheduled departure time of 101-102.