The Class B locomotive is the mainstay of PV&T freight operations. The 89 class B engines in operation handle most of the PV&T's road, switching, and transfer operations. From the delivery of the first class B1 in 1920, the PV&T, ALCO, and GE have been refining the model for better and higher performance.

class B timeline
1920 Delivery of class B's 213-241.
1931 Delivery of class B2's 243-276. Class B reclassified to class B1.
1940 Rebuilding class B1 to 3600hp.
1944 Class B1's 221,224,239 wrecked.
1944 Delivery of class B3's 291-294.
1946 Construction of class B3's 295-296.
1959 Leased 291-292 to CMStP&P
1960 Leased 293-294 to CMStP&P
1961-1964 Rebuilding all class B's, except 291-306, to 4400hp.
1962 Leased 295-300 to CMStP&P
1963 Leased 301-306 to CMStP&P
1966 class B4's on order.

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