1266 freshly outshopped and in YET ANOTHER blue&white paint variant

The class BS1 (Battery Sled model 1) cars are part of an attempt to reduce the emissions from the PV&T’s venerable Alcos by converting them into a hybrid locomotive by the simple expedient of semi-permanently coupling one (or two) to a sled made from the trucks & frames from a retired DL17, a newly constructed full-body cowl, and a huge pile of batteries wired to a battery charger & regulated power supply.

The first one – #1266 – was constructed by the BAR’s shops in Milo, Maine, and is putting in miles (and providing tasty tasty data for the mechanical department in Portland) mainly on the Montpelier & Barre’s quarry branch, which is steeply enough graded so the energy regenerated coming down from from the quarry is enough to make up for most of the energy consumed getting there in the first place. The EPA is dubious, but nevertheless standing back watching the data roll in.

As of now, #1266 is the only BS on the system.

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