BAR GP7d #631 in an approximation of the BAR's bicentennial paint scheme

BAR 631 is the sole survivor of that railroad’s fleet of GP7s; it remains because the BAR wanted to keep one GP7 around for railfans and special trains – 631 (as BAR 73) was the BAR’s bicentennial locomotive, so it was chosen for sentimental reasons.

It operated as a GP7 for 30 years before being sent up to ILW to be reengined with a Tier 4F prime mover (a Cummins QSK50 producing 2130 HP), and came back painted in an approximation of the BAR’s bicentennial paint scheme.

Ottawa Valley Railroad GP9d #1590 after a somewhat more substantial rebuild

In 2024, a whole pile of EMD & GMD geeps joined the roster with the Parsons Vale’s purchase of the Ottawa Valley Railway. These units are slowly being rebuilt into GP7d’s, but the ones that haven’t are classified into a bewildering number of DL20 subclasses.

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