BAR class FF3 #653 (originally F3A's #40 & #45) in the traditional BAR passenger paint scheme

After the BAR merger, an inventory of BAR rolling stock found the hulks of F3A’s 40 & 45 sitting in the Derby deadline, and rather than scrap them they were handed off to the Portland shops to be reused.

So, in the tradition of class B1x #220, their carbodies were gutted and replaced with class I electrical gear, placed on 5 class I trucks, repainted in the centennial paint scheme BAR F3 #42 had, and put out on the line as a 12500HP (continuous) machine (class FF3 because it’s built out of a couple of F3s!)

The BAR from Bangor to Brownsville Junction has been electrified, so it does actually see service on part of the BAR.

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