The PV&T, like all other conventional railroads, started providing passenger service in the traditional way of having coaches hauled behind locomotives. This served the PV&T well for many years, but when the railroad started to electrify, the idea of using electric MU cars to provide commuter and suburban passenger service became very appealing.

When the PV&T electrification reached Montréal and Portland, the railroad started replacing passenger and express cars with electric passenger motors. From 1920 until 1941, the PV&T purchased about 120 passenger motors and 150 passenger trailers to handle all of its Boston, Portland, Albany, and Montréal commuter operations (at one time, there were commuter trains for almost every large city that the PV&T served, but those trains were withdrawn as the electrification proceeded) and interurban trains.

The electric cars were numbered from E001 through E120 and the trailers were numbered from 1101 through 1164. As commuter services and long-distance services declined, these cars were withdrawn from revenue service until, by 1966, only 45 motors and 59 trailers remained on the roster, mainly in Boston and Montréal commuter service.

After the second world war, the railroad purchased four Budd Vista-Dome cars, but no follow-on orders were made.

Aside from 1146-1148 and 1261-1264, all of the PV&T passenger motors and trailers follow the traditional interurban model; round-ended carriages with doors for walking between cars in a train. Classes EC1 through ECB4 have arched windows, and class 47ELMC-1 has round porthole bulkhead windows; all other classes have standard rectangular windows. Classes TD3, TP4, TD4, TS4, TO5, TD5, TC5, TS10, and TD11 have 6-wheel trucks; all others have 4-wheel trucks.

No. Class Builder Built Type Comments
E1 EC1 Niles 1912 Wooden coach to line car M955 1941.
E2-E8 EC1 Niles 1912 Wooden coach Retired 1945
E9-E17 EC2 Holman 1918 Wooden coach Retired 1939
E18-E21 ECB3 Brill 1920 Baggage-coach Retired 1946
E22,E23 EC3 Brill 1920 Coach Commuter service.
E24-E30 EC3 Brill 1920 Coach Retired 1948
E31-E45 ECB4 St Louis 1921 Baggage-coach E32, E44 in interurban service. Balance retired 1963
E46-E55 EC5 Pullman 1923 Coach Commuter service.
E56-E65 EC5 Pullman 1923 Coach Retired 1963
E66-E71 EC6 St Louis 1925 Coach Commuter service.
E72-E75 ECB6 St Louis 1925 Baggage-coach Retired 1961
E76-E80 EC7 Brill 1927 Coach Commuter service.
E81 ERB7 Brill 1928 Baggage-rpo Retired 1948
E82-E84 ERB7 Brill 1928 Baggage-rpo Retired 1961
E85 EC8 Pullman 1929 Coach Commuter service.
E86-E92 ECB9 St Louis 1929 Baggage-coach Retired 1961, 1963
E103-E108 47ELMC-1 Pullman 1939 Coach Ex PE&E/SP/PE 200-204, 206, 207. Commuter service.
E109-E115 EC10 St Louis 1939 Coach Commuter service.
E116 ECB11 Brill 1939 Baggage-coach To inspection car M982 1963.
E117 ECB11 Brill 1939 Baggage-coach To line car 981 1961.
E118-E119 ECB11 Brill 1939 Baggage-coach In interurban service.
E120 ECB11 Brill 1939 Baggage-coach To line car M980 1961.
No. Class Builder Built Type Comments
1101-1108 TC1 Laconia 1912 Wooden coach Retired 1945
1109-1112 TCB1 Laconia 1912 Wooden baggage-coach Retired 1945
1113-1114 TC2 Brill 1918 Wooden coach Retired 1945
1115-1116 TB3 St Louis 1920 Baggage Retired 1948
1117-1128 TC3 St Louis 1920 Coach Commuter service.
1129,1130 TD3 St Louis 1920 Diner To coach 1931. Retired 1948
1131-1134 TP4 Pullman 1920 Parlor To coach 1931
1135-1136 TD4 Pullman 1920 Diner To coach 1932. Retired 1961
1137-1145 TS4 Pullman 1920 Sleeper Retired 1932
1146 TO5 Pullman 1925 Observation Official train.
1147 TD5 Pullman 1925 Diner
1148 TC5 Pullman 1925 Office
1149-1153 TCR5 Pullman 1925 Rpo-coach Retired 1961
1154-1163 TC6a St Louis 1925 Coach Commuter service.
1164-1171 TC6b Brill 1925 Coach Retired 1948
1172-1173 TC6b Brill 1925 Coach Commuter service.
1174-1188 TC7a St Louis 1928 Coach Retired 1963
1189-1203 TC7b Pullman 1928 Coach Retired 1963
1204-1206 TCB8 Brill 1933 Baggage-coach Retired 1948
1207-1209 TCB8 Brill 1933 Baggage-coach Retired 1961
1210-1212 TC8 Brill 1933 Coach Retired 1963
1213-1220 TC9 St Louis 1939 Coach Retired 1961
1221-1240 TC9 St Louis 1939 Coach Commuter service.
1241 TB9 St Louis 1939 Baggage To tool car 1963
1242 TB9 St Louis 1939 Baggage Retired 1963
1243-1249 TS10 Pullman 1939 Sleeper Retired 1963
1250-1251 TS10 Pullman 1939 Sleeper In service
1252 TD11 Brill 1939 Diner Retired 1963
1253-1254 TD11 Brill 1939 Diner In service
1255-1256 TO11 Brill 1939 Observation 1255 donated to Seashore Trolley Museum 1963. 1256 retired 1963.
1257-1260 TC12 St Louis 1940 Coach Commuter service.
1261 TVD13 Budd 1945 Vista-dome To official train 1963
1262 TVD13 Budd 1945 Vista-dome Retired 1963
1263-1264 TVD13 Budd 1945 Vista-dome In service

A note on PV&T interurban classification

The classification scheme that the PV&T uses for interurban motor and trailer cars is to have a single letter prefix saying whether the car is motorised (E) or not (T). It is followed with a string of letters describing what the car can carry, then a number giving the PV&T order number, followed optionally by a letter for orders that are broken up between different carbuilders. Thus, a class ECB4 is a motorized (E) Coach-Baggage car from order 4.

The one exception to this classification scheme is the ex Portland Eugene & Eastern 47ELMC-1 coaches that were purchased from the Pacific Electric in 1939. The PV&T got boxes of records with these cars, and the accounting department decided that it would be easier to keep the existing classification than to have to copy all the records just to get the new classification numbers. (By 1961, this had proven to be enough of an annoyance so that when the LT&L merger happened all of the LT&L and Montreal Terminal units were reclassified into the PV&T scheme.)