CdfC #E69 in historic QRL&P red paint.  Nice.

The last of the properties the LT&L acquired from the Société des chemins de fer du Québec was – in 2007 – the Chemin de fer Charlevois. The CdfC was in good shape – unelectrified, but in good shape – and a few of the older executives from the LT&L remembered riding the old cars before CN abandoned the electrification, so, after the last purchase from the SCFQ was back in (the) black, the wire trains headed up past Ville de Quebéc and started stringing wire over the entire CdfC, all the way up to the terminus in Clermont.

There was some interest in running excursion & ski trains along the line, so some of the PV&T’s Budd interurbans, which last saw service for the MBTA in the mid-1990s, were reconditioned as tourist coaches and put back into service on the CdfC.

When the CdfC was purchased, it was running a largish handful of RS-18m’s to provide freight service, but by 2015 they were supplanted by class M2’s and were relocated down to the TdM shops to join the PV&T’s increasingly large fleet of DL16s.

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