the Parsons Vale route map;  Cape Breton across to western Ontario/eastern Illinois & Ontario down to Washington DC

This shows the Parsons Vale system as it stood in the 2020s (after picking up a lot of lines in the mid-late 1990s and undergoing a slow electrification spree.) The system is about 14,000 route-kilometers long, ~7100 of which is under wire.

~4100 km of the electrification (shown in red) is various DC tensions (3000 volts on the original PV&T & TdM electrification, plus D&H north & the LT&L’s St Lawrence & northern Maine; 1500 volts on the CSS&SB & ORRC’s lines, with a tiny bit of 600 volt on the NStC&T’s Lakeshore running track), and the remainder (in green) is electrified at legacy AC tensions or 25kv.

The bulk of the AC electrification is D&H south & the D&H/OSW/CSS&SB electrification from Schenectady to Niles, Michigan; the remainder is trackage rights on the NE Corridor , the SLR, Old Colony & P&W, and the 25KVAC high speed section of the LT&L’s Victoria Air Line.

There are also 6 backshops, one which is also a locomotive builder:

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