D&H eco-435/50 #1486 (mysteriously lettered for the BALR)

The Batavia Air Line is a paper railroad that the D&H spun off to maintain trackage rights on the Groveland Secondary & Industrial Track (Attica to Retsof/Greigsville, plus a spur up to Batavia) when Conrail decided to abandon the line in 1988.

The Retsof salt traffic was never the greatest (when G&W management did their own go big or go home moment, they started preferentially routing salt trains on their own collection of railroads. The D&H has only managed to hang on to the salt traffic to Buffalo – and the Groveland Secondary section of the railroad tends to see no traffic at all except in the fall (when Buffalo-area highway departments restock their salt depots in preparation for another hellish winter.)

The rest of the industrial track up to Batavia sees a little bit more traffic; the D&H is a shipping partner for Genesee Valley Transportation’s Depew, Lancaster & Western, which means that there’s always something that needs to be dropped off or picked up at the DL&W’s interchange yard, up to and including the occasional elderly Alco or MLW locomotive.

In 2023 the line to Batavia was electrified as part of the Southern Tier electrification (but not the line to Retsof/Griegsville, which as previously stated sees very little traffic at all.)

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