S&NC 'RS-20' #508 in D&H lightning bolt paint

In 2024, the D&H finally achieved their goal of being a completely electrified railroad by spinning off the sole remaining diesel branch (The Adirondack Branch, which didn’t have nearly the traffic needed to even electrify as a cost-saving device) into a new railroad – the Saratoga & North Creek.

The SNC operates the line from Saratoga Springs to North Creek (the railroad continues further north to Tahawus, but that has been embargoed since the titanium mine there shut down in 1989) but this mainly for excursion trains. There is some freight on the line, but there’s not very much of it (occasional tank cars to Corinth, Warrensburg, and North Creek, a thin but regular trade in wood products as the area fills up with summer homes, and the occasional pulpwood shipment out of the woods, so the line is effectively a tourist line at this point.

The SNC operates 4 locomotives; all of them from the D&H’s small handful of DL15s (502, 506, 507, and 508.)

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