Diesel Locomotive Pool RS-38-2 #8003 in New England Southern blue & black paint

In 2020, the Parsons Vale bought the New England Southern, which operates on the southern third of the ex-B&M White Mountain Division between Concord & Lakeport. At the time of the purchase, there was not much freight traffic along that line, but a quarry in Belmont wanted to start shipping aggregates by rail and had been thinking about setting up a transload facility at Belmont Junction.

After the purchase, the NEGS became a subsidiary of the PVRT, which instead of setting up the transload at Belmont Junction electrified the line from Belmont Junction to Concord, rebuilt and electrified the old B&M branch into Belmont proper (which brought the carloadings up to around 4000 cars/year) and built a connection with the PVRT at West Lochmere Junction.

In 2025, after the electrification (and rebuilding to handle 80mph trains) of the Concord-West Lochmere Junction segment of the line, PV&T through freight moved off the old Merrimack River mainline from Concord to Lochmere in favor of the NEGS’s (somewhat shorter, and thanks to the rebuilding in better shape) line.

The original owners of the NEGS took their motive power with them, so the NEGS currently operates with a leased second generation RS-38 to handle traffic north & east of Lochmere..

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