SVT #1210 in classic traction orange

The Southern Vermont Traction Company was an interurban railroad that operated a line from Arlington, VT to a junction with the PV&T, B&M, and CV at Brattleboro, VT. At Bennington, it also had a branch that ran from Arlington, VT south to a connection with the B&M & PV&T at Pownal, VT. Like many other New England interurbans, it made a serious effort to move freight, and by the time it was taken over by the PV&T in 1940, freight was keeping it profitable over the losses of the passenger business.

The PV&T took it over just as the United States was being pulled into the second world war, so it kept operating as a 600VDC operation until 1946, when the remaining trackage was finally reelectrified at 3000 vdc.

SVT history

Brattleboro & Bennington Railroad chartered, track built from Brattleboro to West Brattleboro
Bennington & North Adams Railway chartered to run an interurban line between those two cities.
B&NA builds line from Bennington To Pownal, MA & Arlington, VT
B&NA builds from Pownal to Adams
B&NA purchases B&B, renamed to Southern Vermont Traction
built Bennington to Brattleboro.
abandoned Adams to North Adams
passenger service withdrawn, replaced by busses (Southern Vermont Stages)
abandoned Pownal to North Adams
  1. purchased by the PV&T
  2. abandoned Bennington to West Brattleboro.
Remaining trackage re-electrified at 3000VDC.
Southern Vermont Stages sold to Town and Village Bus (Chester, VT.)
Abandoned Arlington to Bennington, Brattleboro to West Brattleboro.

All-time SVT Roster

No. Type Builder Built Notes
1-4 passenger Cincinnati Car 1902 Retired 1938
5-6 passenger Cincinnati Car 1904 Retired 1946
20-21 express motor Brill 1904 Retired 1931
70 boxcab St Louis Car 1907 to PV&T 286-288; retired 1940
71-75 boxcab St Louis Car 1907 to PV&T 284-285; retired 1946
73-75 boxcab St Louis Car 1907 to PV&T 286-288; retired 1940
80-81 steeplecab Baldwin-Westinghouse 1920 To CR&IC 1940
276 steeplecab Alco-GE 1931 Assigned to SVT 1946 (after the PV&T’s Mount Cube incline was abandoned), retired 2007
207 boxcab Alco-GE 1912 Assigned to SVT 2007, to Musée Ferroviaire Canadien 2012
240 steeplecab Baldwin-Westinghouse 1930 Assigned to SVT 2012-2013
1210 steeplecab Portland 2013 In service
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